Privacy Policy


The purpose of this page is to describe how to manage the website with regard to the processing of personal data of its users who interact with the Cnsas web services, accessible via internet starting from the address: /

This information concerns only the processing carried out by the website and not also the processing performed by other sites to which the user connected via links on the website.

The information is provided in compliance not only with the provisions of Decreto Legislativo 30 giugno 2003, n.196 – Codice in materia di protezione dei dati personali (Code regarding the protection of personal data (hereinafter “Privacy Code”), but also is inspired by the provisions of the Raccomandazioni n. 2/2001, 4/2012 and 2/2013  that the European authorities for the protection of personal data, gathered in the Group established by art. 29 of the directive n. 95/46 / EC,  adopted in order to identify the minimum requirements for the collection of personal data on-line and through apps, and, in particular, the methods, timing and nature of the information that those entitled to the processing of the data must provide to the users when they connect to web pages and apps, regardless of the purpose of the link.


CNSAS, via E. Petrella, 19, 20124, Milano (MI) is entitled to the processing of the data.


Cnsas receives and collects information through this website about users who visit the pages of the website and use the web services available on the website.

Data are collected for purposes connected to the correct execution of the services of the web services activated upon specific request of the users, to comply with legal obligations or requests of the judicial authority or of anyone legitimated by law and by secondary legislation.

Users’ data may also be processed for promotional and commercial purposes and for the sending of informative material on Cnsas products or services or commercial partners, or for the sending of personalized information material, realized through nominative analysis of the profile and customer consumption habits. These purposes will be implemented in compliance with the provisions of the law and therefore Cnsas will request users to give consent if this is necessary to perform a legitimate processing of data.


The personal data collected and used by Cnsas are divided into two categories:

– navigation data: these are the data that the server automatically registers on each visit to the site, such as the name of the provider, the site from which you access ours, the pages visited, the date and duration of the visit. The navigation data are used for the sole purpose of obtaining, for statistical reasons, information on the use of the website and to monitor its correct functioning. They can also be used to check the legal use of our site and to ascertain any civil liability and/or penalties for damages to our site. They are not deleted.

– data provided voluntarily by users: these are data sent spontaneously by users to take advantage of the services offered by our websites, in particular participation in competitions and promotions and membership of initiatives and Fidelity programs, sending newsletters related to our news and offers. To this end, each user must register on the website, providing their name and surname, address, e-mail address, date of birth and their own underwear sizes. Only with the consent of the interested party, we will use the physical and e-mail address for sending promotional and commercial material. The data provided during registration to our websites will be used only for the purposes indicated on each page (promotion, participation in competitions etc.), and prior consent of the interested parties, in particular to contact them for the purpose of participation in promotions or competitions or for sending informative material about new collections or our offers.

In particular, in relation to the individual competitions or promotions of Cnsas or companies belonging to the same corporate group or of its commercial partners, we point out that the Company will insert the entire competition rules on the website, so that the user can not only participate in the competition, but also take information on the processing of data. To read the individual information notes, simply click on the link for each competition regulation.

Generally, the data provided by participants in the initiatives or competitions through the completion of online forms are used to allow participation in the specific promotion and, subject to consent, may also be used for promotional and informational purposes on products and services and products of Cnsas: these purposes can be realized both with automated methods (eg text messages or e-mail) and not automated (eg ordinary mail).

Generally, on the forms inserted on the website for the purposes indicated, information that is not strictly necessary for specific initiatives and activities but which could be useful to the CNSAS to allow a more direct contact with the individual user,  is also required; this information is not marked on the individual forms by an asterisk [*], as it is instead done for the mandatory information, and is therefore optional; it follows that their non-conferment will not affect participation in the initiative, the competition etc. We remind you that the execution of User requests (eg registration to the program, newsletters, download of the App) is not conditional to the provision of the consent requested in the appropriate forms.


Users make use of different browsers and different computers. In order to make the access to the website with any technology as easy as possible, the type of browser (i.e., Internet Explorer, Netscape, firefox, etc.) and the operating system (i.e., Windows, Macintosh, Linux, etc.) used by a user and the assigned IP address of his/her Internet service provider are automatically registered. The total number of visitors to the site is also recorded in an aggregate way; no personal data is acquired in these procedures. This information allows us to verify the areas of the website and the services preferred by users, so as to keep the website updated and interesting.

The website does not use cookies to transmit personal information of visitors, nor persistent cookies are used. The website uses only session variables, which are not stored in any way on the user’s computer and disappear when the browser is closed, and are used to indicate the version of the site chosen by the user (English or Italian) in order to allow correct navigation.

Some of our web pages and update e-mails may contain electronic images, also called “one pixel GIFs”, “clear GIFs” or “pixel tags”. On websites they allow us to count the number of users who have visited our pages. In promotional messages/newsletters via e-mail they allow us to count how many subscribers read them. Web beacons allow us to obtain statistical data regarding the activities and characteristics that most interest our customers in order to provide more personalized content.

They are not used to access users’ personal data without their consent.