Cavities and caves: speleo technicians

The CNSAS speleological technicians

In caves or in confined environments even the slightest injury can turn into a serious accident and require the intervention of many rescuers for a long period of time. The CNSAS speleologists are on purpose trained to intervene in natural contexts – caves, cavities, siphons, underground wells – and in general also in all those situations where the environment forces to move in confined or narrow spaces.

The duration of a rescue intervention in these cases depends on many factors related to the underground environment: presence of bottlenecks, wells, flooded sections, as well as the depth and distance from the entrance to the place where the accident occurred.

For such complex interventions, the CNSAS Soccorso Speleologico (speleological rescue) is divided into 16 Zone (areas), corresponding in most cases to the regions. The Zone are in turn divided into Stazioni (stations), in order to have a widespread presence throughout the national territory. Each Stazione is entrusted to a Capostazione (station master) assisted by one or more deputies.

The Speleological Coordination is made up of some Commissioni (commissions) with specialized tasks.

The commissions are placed under the surveillance of the speleological coordination and are headed by a coordinator appointed by the speleological coordination on the proposal of the members of each commission, with a three-year duration. Coordinators are eligible for no more than 3 terms. The speleological commissions’ task is promoting specialist technical updating, the dissemination of technical and scientific knowledge and the testing of materials and techniques. They also promote prevention initiatives, each in its specific area.

The commissions can take on the role of operating technical authorities available to those in charge of the Zona, in order to face particular needs in local emergencies; they are also available to the national manager in case of emergencies of national importance or for rescue operations abroad.


The CNSAS Speleological Coordination widespreads information about its activities and on the latest interventions also through this portal